Our experience in multiple markets, with academic medical centers, community hospitals and specialty hospitals, brings a wealth of ideas to address your particular issues. Our areas of focus:

Departmental/Divisional Assessments

Are the demands of your area increasing without any additional resources? How do you address digital within your existing budget? Where do you focus your resources to garner the greatest return on investment?

Healthcare marketing and communications departments are seeing requests outpacing resources. How do you reengineer your department to ensure you are supporting your organization’s goals?

A department assessment begins with an objective assessment of your current reality. Through a review of documents and executive interviews, a department profile is developed. By comparing the department profile with best practices, a gap analysis is created.

Multi-year recommendations are then developed with budget and success metrics.


Brand Management

  • Defining your positioning
  • Your brand through mergers and acquisitions
  • Rebranding efforts
  • Graphic and communications style guides

Specific Programs:

  • Your Healthcare MBA in a Day


Digital Marketing

Our experienced digital team can assist you in the creation and implementation of digital strategies and tactics, including:

· Content audits and strategy

· Search engine optimization

· Information architecture

· Wireframe development

· Best practices and user experience

· Social media strategy

· Competitive analysis

· Digital campaigns


System Marketing Plans

  • Ready to market assessment
  • Selecting Priorities
  • Evaluating the patient experience

Specific Programs:

  • Your Healthcare MBA in a Day
  • If you can move it, you can measure it – ROI Reporting


Corporate Communications

  • Using communications to create a culture that supports strategy, and does not eat it!
  • Communications to engage staff and physicians around your strategy
  • Message platforms that support your vision, brand and culture

Specific Programs:

  • Managers as Communicators
  • Creating 90 Day Launch Plans
  • Cultural Alignment


Physician Communications is a major challenge for every health care provider. By getting to know your medical staff culture, we can create a physician communications program that will engage physicians in the business and culture of the organization.

Specific Programs:

  • Your Healthcare MBA in a Day
  • Cultural Alignment


Issues Management and Corporate Reputation Strategies

In healthcare, there are thousands of interactions with the public everyday. Every interaction has the potential to enhance or harm your brand and corporate reputation. When this occurs you need to be prepared with messaging that supports your brand and reputation.

In this area, the best practices are to have an issues management function that tracks trends and identifies key issues that might impact the organization publicly. A well designed and managed issues management program keeps your organization ready for whatever may arise.