Corporate Culture and Change

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Corporate Culture and Change

If I had a dime for every time I have heard the words toxic corporate culture in recent conversations, I would be the proverbial millionaire.

I work exclusively in health care. And health care is in a period of tremendous change, which causes anxiety for many. And for those who have not worked in a healthcare, it is a very strong and prescribed corporate culture. However, change is also a time for opportunity if you keep an open mind.

But far too often the looming change brings out the worst in people. Turf protection, personal image and perception of success are more important than the company’s mission or values. I have worked in such environments and everyone loses. The organization does not get the best from their people because they are either being micro-managed to death by insecure supervisors terrified of making a mistake or they are focused on getting out of the job.

These times call for those who embrace change and look, really look for the opportunities to be had. Leaders need to communicate that their organization will not only survive, but thrive in these changing time and ask for everyone’s best.

So while leaders can design the best operating plans, they need to be mindful of the culture of their organization. Culture kills strategy every time and during times of change, addressing your culture needs to be your first priority.