Benchmarks in Marketing and Communication

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Benchmarks in Marketing and Communication

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Apples-ComparisonHow to establish benchmarks in marketing and communications is the most often asked question by peers in the industry.  Department assessments are the most often requested service of Hitchcock Marketing and Communications. Most MarCom executives need to review structure every 2-3 years given the convulsive change in healthcare. Everyone is looking for benchmarks to document that their department is right-sized, focused on the right areas and the budget is reasonable. How do you begin?

I suggest you take your cue from the firms who establish benchmarks by creating peer groups for executive compensation. They look at similar size  – market, budget, staff, physicians, governance, services.  Do you have an organized medical group?  Do you have a mature ambulatory program?

I would look at the same peer group and begin to reach out to your peers at those organizations. Make sure you are comparing apple to apples. Do they perform the same functions that you do? How robust is their digital marketing and do they have design services in-house or use an agency.

By doing this legwork:

1) You show your organization a concerted and consistent approach to developing benchmarks

2) Bring research on benchmarks by function in other industries

3) Are on firm ground when asking your supervisor for agreement on the benchmarks

4) Have an informed roadmap on how to organize resources

So get your department on the right footing by doing your own homework, create your own peer group and share with leadership. So the next time you are asked to do more with less, you have a framework and a built-in peer group who you can consult with.